Ambulance-genericThe Johnson County Sheriff’s office has released the name of the girl who drowned while visiting Lake Macbride near Solon Thursday. Six-year-old Alaina Joy Hauskins was at the state park beach with 25 other children from a Cedar Rapids day care program.

Sergeant Brad Kunkel, with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department, said day care staff did a head count and noticed one child was missing. He told KCRG-TV that a 911 call was made around 2 p.m.

“At 2:13, we received another report from the beach that a child was found in the water and she was unresponsive,” Kunkel said. The drowning victim was the daughter of one of the co-directors of the day care.

“It’s horrible and painful for everybody involved,” Kunkel said.

Auriel Campbell, who was at the beach and told KCRG she saw people pull the girl out of the water and onto the beach. “All of the rest of the kids with the day care were lining up to leave and they were crying and they were very young, probably in between ages four and eight. I just feel like that’s just really hard for children that age to process death or seeing someone they know that is their age…not knowing where she is and then her not breathing,” Campbell said.

Foul play is not suspect in the incident, according to the sheriff’s office.