Police-lightsA bicyclist was killed in a collision with an SUV this morning in southwest Iowa. Council Bluffs Police Sergeant Jason Bailey says it happened around 6 a.m. “Both the bicyclist and the car were northbound on 35th Street…the bicyclist was struck from behind by the car and the bicyclist was pronounced dead at the scene,” Bailey said.

The names of those involved in the incident have not been released. The crash was initially reported as a hit and run. “The driver of the car left the scene,” Bailey said. “She was gone for a little bit, but then she came back.” The vehicle, a Ford Explorer, had front end damage. The driver was briefly questioned at the scene. “She did say that she was scared and shook up,” Bailey said

For now, no charges have been filed. Investigators are trying to determine if the weather was a factor. It was raining in Council Bluffs at the time of the collision.

(Karla James of the Nebraska Radio Network contributed to this story)