Sharon, Alexis and Jade Taylor.

Sharon, Alexis and Jade Taylor.

A small town in eastern Iowa is in mourning after the death of a grandmother and her two grandchildren in a traffic accident.

It happened Sunday night in Jones County when a vehicle driven by a Wisconsin woman crossed the centerline on Highway 64 and hit 18-year-old Alexis Taylor’s vehicle.

Alexis was killed along with her grandmother, 75-year-old Sharon Taylor, and her younger sister, 11-year-old Jade Taylor. They are from Oxford Junction.

Sharon’s husband, Tot Taylor, spoke with KCRG-TV. “They were just beautiful kids…we loved them so much,” Taylor said. The couple had taken care of their two granddaughters for the last seven years. Taylor said he’s still processing what happened.

“My wife and I, in just two weeks, would of celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary,” Taylor said. “I don’t know if I could ever tell you enough about Sharon…she was one of the most beautiful people I ever knew.” Jade attended Midland Elementary School, while Alexis just graduated last year.

Brian Rodenberg is the superintendent of the Midland Community School District. “Both girls were very active in school and will definitely be missed,” Rodenberg told KCRG. “This is a shocking thing for a community to deal with, and I’m sure we’ll pull together and do what’s best for the family.”

Donations to help the family are being accepted at the Citizen’s State Bank in Oxford Junction. Classes at Midland Schools are canceled on Friday in order for staff and students to attend the funeral of Jade, Alexis and Sharon Taylor.