QuinnipiacA poll out this morning shows a new leader in the race for the Democratic nomination for president. The Quinnipiac University poll finds Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders edging ahead with the support of 41 percent of likely Iowa Democratic Caucus-goers.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was one point behind Sanders in the poll with 40 percent. Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac poll, says the gender gap is very evident in the contest.

“Mrs. Clinton is winning by more than 20 points among likely female Caucus goers while Mr. Sanders is winning by more than 20 points among likely male Caucus goers,” Brown says. “The two are basically in a dead heat.”

The latest poll is a reversal from the Quinnipiac poll from July that had Clinton leading Sanders by nearly 20 points. Brown says it’s a display of both a “strong comeback” by Sanders and the continued trouble Clinton is having with how some potential voters view her. “Former Secretary Clinton’s ratings on a number of indexes among Iowans aren’t as high as they once were,” Brown says. “The last couple of months have taken a toll. Questions about her email and her family foundation have certainly not helped her and Senator Sanders has done a remarkably good job getting people out to his rallies in Iowa and elsewhere around the country.”

The poll’s third place finisher is Vice President Joe Biden, who isn’t even officially a candidate. “Vice President Biden gets 12 percent in this poll which is almost double the 7 percent he got when Quinnipiac polled last in July,” Brown says. “Obviously, it’s not clear at this point whether Vice President Biden is going to join the contest or not. We’ll see what affect that will or will not have if he gets in.” Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley placed fourth in the poll with the support of 3 percent of likely Iowa Democratic Caucus participants, with another 3 percent undecided.