Fran McCaffey  Photo courtesy of Darren Miller/

Fran McCaffery
Photo courtesy of Darren Miller/

Iowa basketball coach Fran McCaffery told the Big Ten basketball media day gathering in Chicago that a shorter shot clock will not change the way his Hawkeyes play offense but it may change the way some teams play defense.

The college shot clock is moving from 35 to 30 seconds beginning this season and McCaffery says more teams may use full court pressure as a result.

“Do other teams try to make everybody use half the shot clock so you only have 15 seconds to go side to side and move the ball”, said McCaffery. “It remains to be seen how it will be collectively changed but in terms of our approach we are not going to change anything.”

The Hawkeyes debut with an exhibition game against the University of Sioux Falls on October 29th.