Senator Joni Ernst.

Senator Joni Ernst.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst says she has some concerns over the budget deal that was announced in the early morning hours Monday.

The Republican from Red Oak says the bill could hurt farmers. “What I have looked at so far I am extremely disappointed in. The first is the crop insurance issue, which hits hard at rural America. Not just Iowa, but others that come from farming communities and farming states,” Ernst says. “We just went through this several years ago with the federal Farm Bill, and cuts were made to crop insurance at that time. Now we are facing three billion dollars in cuts. The very concerning issue is that the Agricultural Committee — those who serve on the committee — were not even consulted about this particular cut.”

Ernst says she doesn’t like plans for the money cut out of crop insurance and other programs. “Instead of applying those cuts, those savings to our deficit and our debt, we use it on additional spending. I don’t think this is what Iowans want. I don’t think this is what Americans want,” according to Ernst. Ernst says she wants to see spending cut.

“I am very disappointed in this deal, I probably will not be supporting this budget deal,” Ernst says. With the timing of the release of the bill, Ernst isn’t sure yet what other senators are thinking about it and whether there will be enough votes to move it ahead. Ernst says it may move ahead, but she isn’t sure yet without hearing other feedback from those who might be undecided. “Especially when we take into consideration the crop insurance and that we are spending much more in this bill than what was laid out in our original budget earlier this year,” Ernst says.

Ernst made her comments during her weekly call with reporters.