Rob Hogg (file photo)

Rob Hogg (file photo)

U.S. Senate candidate Rob Hogg, a Democrat from Cedar Rapids, says climate change won’t be the most important voting issue in 2016, but he says the “trend line” shows more and more people want politicians to offer solutions.

“I think in general most Iowans, Democrats and Republicans, want us to act on climate change,” Hogg says. “Obviously the percentages are higher for Democrats and it’s getting pretty near close to unanimity among Democrats believing that we need to address climate change.”

This week Hogg has embarked on what he calls a “Climate Solutions Tour” of the state.

“I want Iowans to know that we can solve climate change and have a prosperous economy. In fact, I think that’s the only way we can do it,” Hogg says. “The damage from climate change is real. It’s serious and we’ve got to act on the issue.”

As for solutions, Hogg is an advocate of wind and solar power. He favors extending the federal wind production tax credit.

Hogg visited a solar-powered company in Cedar Rapids and a so-called energy-efficient “green” building on the Central College campus in Pella Monday. This afternoon, Hogg will visit the Whiterock Conservancy in Coon Rapids. On Wednesday he’ll visit Carroll and Ames. On Thursday, Hogg will be in Decorah and Charles City.

Three other Democrats say they’re running in the U.S. Senate Primary in June, for the chance to face Republican Senator Chuck Grassley in next November’s General Election. Bob Kraus of Fairfield and Tom Fiegan of Clarence ran and lost in the U.S. Senate Primary back in 2010 and they’re running again in 2016. Ray Zirkelbach, a former state legislator and Iraq War veteran from Monticello, announced this past weekend that he would run, too.