Governor Terry Branstad.

Governor Terry Branstad.

Iowa’s governor has joined Republican governors from 26 other states in urging the president to review the resettlement program for all refugees.

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad and the other Republican governors co-signed a letter to President Obama. The governors say they are “deeply concerned” about the “potential” for Islamic militants to infiltrate the refugee system and stage an attack here similar to last week’s attacks in Paris.

The governors are asking for an immediate review of the way federal officials conduct background checks on all foreigners seeking to enter the U.S. as political refugees and “address the gaps acknowledged” by the FBI’s director.

The governors are calling on President Obama to immediately suspend the resettlement of refugees from just one country: Syria.

The Republican governors of Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan and Mississippi did not sign onto the letter. Neighboring Republican governors in Nebraska, Kansas, Illinois and Wisconsin did.

This past Monday afternoon, Governor Branstad told state agencies to suspend any work on refugee resettlement plans.