tiger hawkHawkeye football fans who are headed to Nebraska for Friday’s final game of the regular season need to plan to leave early — due to the weather, the crowds and increased security measures.

Forecasters says icy roads could make travel a challenge, and once in Lincoln, up to 90,000 fans are expected to pack into Memorial Stadium.

University of Nebraska spokesman Steve Smith says there will lines at the entrance gates. “We do ask for fans’ patience while they’re waiting in line,” Smith says. “We know it’s going to be cold but we do expect the lines to move, with fans’ cooperation, fairly quickly.” Smith says additional security measures are being put in place for this big game. “People should rest assured, there’s no specific threat against Memorial Stadium or the game,” Smith says, “but these are consistent with adjustments being made at other sites around the country following the recent international events, including the attacks in Paris.”

High temperatures are only forecast in the upper 20s on Friday, so fans will be allowed to bring in blankets. “Be prepared to have permissible items, which are small-sized purses, camera bags, things like that which would be allowed on a normal day, to be searched like usual,” Smith says, “but also to have your outer garment, your coat, be open and ready to be subject of a quick visual search.”

Officials are asking fans to follow the “If You See Something, Say Something” approach at Friday’s game and to report any suspicious activity to authorities. The gates open at one P.M. with kick-off set for 2:30.

Iowa heads to Lincoln undefeated and ranked number-three in the country, while Nebraska is 5-6.