Jeb Bush (file photo)

Jeb Bush (file photo)

Republican candidate Jeb Bush today said he’s not sure if he were president today that he would have attended the global gathering in Paris to discuss climate change.

According to Bush, some of President Obama’s ideas for addressing climate change would “hurt our economy” and Bush said there’s no universal agreement that human activity is what’s causing the climate to change.

“The idea that 99.9 percent of scientists believe that this is all decided is just not true,” Bush said. “It’s true that 99 percent of scientists think the climate is changing, for sure, but that’s not a Captain Brilliant comment. That’s a Captain Obvious comment.”

Bush also said in light of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, it’s time for a new approach to combatting global terror networks.

“And we need a leader to be able to destroy ISIS, not to contain ISIS,” Bush said.

Bush made his remarks Tuesday during a town hall meeting in Waterloo.

(Reporting in Waterloo by Iowa Public Radio’s Pat Blank; additional reporting by Radio Iowa’s O. Kay Henderson)