DNR-signThe Iowa Department of Natural Resources has released the results of a special checkpoint held earlier this month at the southbound Interstate 29 weigh station south of Sioux City.

DNR Conservation officer Chad Morrow set up the checkpoint and says there are a lot of hunters and fishermen traveling at this time of year and they tried to do as many compliance checks that they could for proper licenses and game limits.

The 60 state and county officers involved interviewed 620 people traveling on the interstate between noon and 5 p-m. Morrow says they ended up with 35 wildlife citations and one traffic citation. “But we also addressed probably hundreds of other violations with written warnings, verbal warnings, along with citations as well,” Morrow says. He says one issue stood out.

“Probably being the transportation of pheasants without the attached foot, wing or head so we can ID for sex and wether they are a rooster or not. That was probably the most common violation,” according to Morrow. There were a variety of other violations too. “Firearms uncased, loaded, we had some illegal deer cases that we investigated and turned over to other state,” Morrow says.

Morrow says the results of the operation are good reminder for all hunters and fishermen to read up on the rules and regulations before going out. He says you should know the transportation and license requirements along with the bag limits and daily possession limits. “There’s quite a few details to know there, so you have to be prepared before you take a trip to another state or go out on a hunting trip or on any hunting, fishing, trapping type activity,” Morrow says.

The citations issued carry a fine and court costs totaling $195. Officials seized 166 pheasants and nine ducks during the operation which was held on November 15th.