Paul Trombino (file photo)

Paul Trombino (file photo)

The Iowa DOT has plans to close district offices in Mount Pleasant and Fairfield — and consolidate those operations in a new facility on the south side of Fairfield.

Iowa DOT director Paul Trombino says this would be the fourth consolidation of district offices since he took the job in 2011.

“Reducing, actually, the overall square footage and getting our resources together,” Trombino says, “ultimately our people and our equipment.”

Trombino says having staff and equipment “co-located” is important.

“Because of how a lot of the team members transition between different categories — whether it’s construction, maintenance, winter operations — folks are really used in a lot of different areas,” Trombino says. “That makes it very effective to get them together and we’ve obviously found some significant productivity and operational issues by getting folks together.”

The DOT has been renting its district office in Mount Pleasant, but owns the building in Fairfield. DOT officials plan to sell that building and construct a new, $4.2million facility in Fairfield. Trombino outlined the plan Tuesday for Governor Branstad. The governor and legislators must approve the spending for the new facility.