DNR-signThree men are facing charges for hunting deer from vehicles in southwest Iowa earlier this year. Mick Klemesrud is a spokesperson for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

“We’re alleging that they harvested two deer illegally on January 10 of this year,” Klemesrud said.

After many months of investigation, charges were filed in Cass and Audubon Counties against 27-year-old Dustin Hansen of Adair, 41-year-old Donald Kinzie of Stuart, and 39-year-old Bradley Wendt of Denison.

They are accused of 30 hunting violations by using “two way communication” and their vehicles to chase down and kill two bucks. Klemesrud credits hunters and motorists with helping the DNR identify the suspects.

“We need help from the public to get ahold of us when they see something that doesn’t look right,” Klemesrud said. “They pick up a phone and make a call. That’s how this originated.”

The three men are scheduled to make their initial court appearances on January 7th.