SpencerClasses are open and on-schedule today at Spencer High School after the weekend death of a student-athlete.

Eighteen-year-old wrestler Austin Roberts collapsed on the mat during a tournament Saturday at the Spencer Fieldhouse and later died at the hospital.

School Superintendent Terry Hemann says it was a shock for everyone. “It’s a tragic situation and there’s a lot of grieving and mourning happening amongst our students and staff and families,” Hemann says. Grief counselors are at the school for students who may need help coping with the news and Hemann has advised teachers to be watchful.

“Staff are really going to need to monitor what kids need, whether that means a regular class or just closing the book, closing the computers and talking about the situation,” he says. “It’s really going to depend on what kids need.”

Roberts was a senior and was among the state’s top high school wrestlers. A GoFundMe page created to help the family with medical and funeral expenses has already collected more than $28,000.

(Reporting by Mark Magnuson, KICD, Spencer)