The weather is causing cancellations — of political events.

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie cancelled a town hall meeting in Dubuque this morning as well as one scheduled this evening in Davenport. Marco Rubio is delaying the launch of his bus tour in Iowa by a day. Rubio’s campaign staff says the event that had been set for Burlington over the noon-hour today will be rescheduled.

Ted Cruz planned to hold a “tele-town hall meeting” with Iowa supporters early this afternoon, but he couldn’t get to a phone.

“Due to the weather, Senator Cruz is still traveling,” a campaign spokeswoman told callers. “He is in a plane and he is unable to land because of the weather, so we are going to have to postpone our event.”

Cruz wasn’t headed to Iowa. He was just scheduled to speak by phone with Iowans. His next scheduled appearance in Iowa is in 2016 — on Monday, January 4.

A couple of other candidates are scheduled to be campaigning in Iowa this week. Democrat Martin O’Malley arrived Sunday and he’s campaigning in north central Iowa today. Bernie Sanders is scheduled to be in eastern Iowa Tuesday afternoon. Republican Donald Trump is planning a rally in Council Bluffs Tuesday night.

(This post was updated at 3:18 pm after Christie cancelled his second town hall of the day.)