Chief Justice Mark Cady during his State of the Judiciary speech.

Chief Justice Mark Cady during his State of the Judiciary speech.

Iowa Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark Cady talked about the effort to provide faster and less-costly service in the courts during his annual address this week.

Cady says they review the projects each year. “Last summer the judicial branch conducted its second comprehensive evaluation of the business court pilot project. According to the evaluation, the business court has been successful because it provides attorneys and litigants with specific judicial expertise in complex cases,” Cady says.

The evaluation found that attorneys who have had cases in the pilot project strongly support the business court and want it to become a permanent part of the Iowa civil litigation system.

“Based on our review, the supreme court is pleased to announce that business courts will continue as part of Iowa’s justice system,” Cady says.

Cady says the new expedited civil action process exceeded his expectations with nearly 400 cases filed. “The expedited civil action track is designed to provide Iowans a faster, less-costly process for resolving civil complaints,” according to Cady. “We will continue to monitor the results of this innovation to ensure it best serves the needs of Iowans.” The state’s top judge says he is also encouraged by the results shown in their efforts to find new and more efficient ways to utilize judges and court staff to improve the timely administration of cases.

“We are committed to providing the best customer service to every person who enters our courthouses. It is part of a culture we are working to strengthen every day,” Cady says. The Chief Justice made his comments during the annual State of the Judiciary address on Wednesday.