The latest Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register “Iowa Poll” found 56 percent of likely Iowa Republican Caucus-goers were either undecided or might change their minds about which candidate to back on Caucus Night.  They’re not hard to find as the candidates trek through Iowa these days.

Jeff Leimer of Sheldahl went to see New Jersey Governor Chris Christie this weekend.

“I’m actually quite swayed,” he told Radio Iowa after the event in an Ames bar. “I was originally a Trump supporter, to be honest.”

Christie’s “town hall” meeting lasted nearly 90 minutes and, for most of that time, Christie took questions from the crowd. Leimer said the experience made him “second-guess” his plan to vote for Trump on Caucus night.

“I told my family that I would probably vote for Trump, even though I like Christie, but it just comes down who is more electable, so a ‘Why Waste A Vote?’ type of thing,” Leimer said. “…I was really impressed with a lot of his specific policies. (Christie) had specifics.”

Jeremy Danilson of Johnston got up early Saturday morning to evaluate Marco Rubio in person.

“I’m more interested in hearing how they want to address the problems that we face than telling me what the problems are,” Danilson told Radio Iowa. “I already experienced what the problems are, so don’t repeat that back to me.”

That’s why Danilson supported Newt Gingrich in the 2012 Iowa Caucuses, because he considered Gingrich an “ideas” candidate. Danilson, who brought his young son to Saturday’s event, said he’s “been impressed” with Rubio’s performance in the televised debates.

“I want to present a contrast in the General Election to whoever the Democrats select,” Danilson said, “and I don’t know how you can present a better contrast than someone who’s talking about the future.”

While Danilson is definitely leaning toward Rubio, Beth Biermann of Windsor Heights is undecided and probably won’t decide until Caucus Night.

“Probably,” she said, laughing. “It’s like: ‘O.K., now what do I do?'”

The televised debates haven’t helped much in her decision-making.

“I don’t have cable,” Biermann said. “You can’t see some of the debates when you don’t have cable.”

Sharon Scroggs, a neighbor in Windsor Heights, is looking for a candidate “who seems honest and could possibly get congress to do something.”

“I’m kind of thinking of somebody, but I’m not going to say who yet,” Scroggs told Radio Iowa, with a laugh.

Scroggs has delayed a trip to Nevada so she can attend the Caucuses.

Nolan Etter of Des Moines isn’t sold on Donald Trump’s style, but he and his wife stood in the cold last Friday to get into a Trump rally.

“I’ve just got to pick somebody,” he told Radio Iowa. “I don’t know.”