Travel-guideThe 2016 edition of the Iowa Travel Guide is now out with 174 pages of tourism tidbits for those planning a trip this year across the land between two rivers.

Jessica O’Riley, spokeswoman for the Iowa Tourism Office, says it’s a wonderful resource for Iowans and non-Iowans alike.

“We’ve got lists of hotels and motels and cabins and campgrounds and attractions,” O’Riley says, “all rolled into one handy guide.” The travel guide is supplemented with what she calls “inspirational content” to get you thinking about places in Iowa to visit.

“We’ve got a feature on Grant Wood,” O’Riley says. “Maybe people don’t know but he would have been 125 this year. Cedar Rapids is doing a lot of special events but there are other places in Iowa where you can see Grant Wood art, so we give you a trip-planning idea there.”

There were 125,000 of the guides published this year. You can find one at any of the Iowa Welcome Centers, by calling 800-345-IOWA or by visiting

(Reporting by Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City)