It’s the biggest weekend of the year for florists across the state as Valentine’s Day is Sunday. The manager of a floral shop in Webster City, Tim Huff, expects to be busy through the weekend. Flowers are often the top gift.

He says when the holiday lands on the weekend some people do other things as well. “Friday and Saturday will probably be the big days this year. Sunday will probably be a little lighter and we will still have a few guys on Monday, believe it or not,” Huff says. The average price for a dozen roses is $78, and Huff says they have to charge more because the supplier raises the cost for Valentines Day.

“This is the only week the roses are higher, through Sunday. And then 51 weeks out of the year they are the normal price,” Huff says. “It’s kind of like your gas station, we have no control over it, they stick us pretty good for them this week,” Huff says. “The other holidays we don’t have to adjust them at all, they are the normal price.”

Restaurants are expected to be filled this weekend as they will see an uptick in business for Valentine’s Day. The only drawback is the chance for snow for Saturday night and into Sunday for parts of Iowa.

(Reporting by Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City)