Paul Trombino

Paul Trombino

Governor Terry Branstad’s staff has released a list of dozens of Iowans who’ve been asked to serve on state boards and commissions. Branstad also is nominating Paul Trombino for another four-year term as director of the Iowa Department of Transportation.

Branstad’s nominees to lead state agencies, plus the people he asks to serve on state boards and commissions must win a confirmation vote in the state senate.

Branstad is nominating former State Representative Richard Arnold of Russell to another term on the State Racing and Gaming Commission.

Branstad plans to replace a member of the Iowa Transportation Commission whose term expires at the end of April. Branstad wants to replace Cedar Rapids attorney Amy Reasner with Kathleen Fehrman of Des Moines. She is married to William Fehrman, the CEO of MidAmerican Energy, and she’s active in many central Iowa charity organizations.

Branstad is appointing Charese Yanney of Sioux City to another term on the Iowa Transportation Commission. Yanney supported Branstad’s first run for governor, back in 1982, and he has appointed Yanney to a number of state boards in the years since then.

Photo courtesy of  the Iowa DOT