State-auditor-signA special investigation by the State Auditor finds the former treasurer of the Clinton High School Band Boosters was taking money from the sale of fruit and candy and other fundraisers for her personal use.

State Auditor Mary Mosiman says her office was called in after the booster club received notice of a bounced check on their account in May of 2015. She says their investigation identified nearly 40-thousand dollars of improper deposits, checks and the handling of the funds by former treasurer Amanda Johns.

“The improper disbursements included a little over $18,000 of cash withdrawals from the booster officials checking account, as well as a little over $10,000 of checks written to the former treasurer or her husband. And the undeposited collections included a little over $7,700 in estimated proceeds from fundraisers and events that should have gone to the booster account but did not. And a little over $10,000 in cash that was withheld from the deposits that should have gone to the boosters’ account,” Johns says.

Mosiman says they cross checked the former treasurer’s personal checking account and found where some of the money was going. “Frequently the deposits that went into the personal checking account of the former treasurer the day after the money was withdrawn from the booster checking account,” according the Mosiman. “And by depositing money from the booster account to the personal account, it allowed the personal account to avoid a deficit balance.”

Mosiman says the money came from normal activities of the band boosters. “Most of the proceeds from the booster account did come from fundraisers or different types of events. They did have money that was collected for a band trip — that all seemed to be through the band director, but he did use the treasurer to make the deposits,” Mosiman says. She says they could not determine if more money was misused as there was not enough documentation to go through.

Mosiman says there was not enough oversight by the boosters of the money being raised and spend by the band. “We are recommending that the booster officials provide oversight — at least on a periodic basis — to review the financial records, take a look at the bank statements and see some supporting documentation, whether its for the deposits or whether its for the expenditures,” Mosiman says.

Mosiman has turned the results of her investigation over to the Clinton County Attorney and the Attorney General. Amanda Johns was removed as treasurer of the band boosters after the problems were noticed.