Crime Scene TapeOskaloosa police chief Jake McGee is talking more about the massive drug bust made by his department Sunday. McGee says it was a surprise to find around 20 receptacles used for manufacturing methamphetamine, as meth labs have become so rare.

“The last one that I can think of was in 2011 and it wasn’t nearly the scale of this one,” McGee says. “And then prior to that was probably five years….like I said, meth labs are rare, and even now, meth labs are down drastically from what they were five years ago.” Thirty-two-year-old year old Robert Carl Williams was arrested and charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and failing to affix a drug tax stamp after the meth was discovered. McGee says this meth bust made history for the department.

“This is the biggest lab that we have been associated with in Oskaloosa. It was a good find for us to put an end to that meth lab. It was a very, very large lab,” McGee says. The chief says Oskaloosa residents don’t have to worry about meth labs becoming a common problem in the city — but he is glad they are helping out when they have concerns.

He says they have good communication with the citizens and they do a good job if they smell something that may be a drug lab.

Chief McGee of Oskaloosa can call the dispatch number 24 hours a day at 641-672-2557.

(Reporting by Emery Songer, KBOE, Oskaloosa)