GavelThe Iowa Court of Appeals is backing state regulators in their decision on awarding a casino license in Sioux City that led to the closing of the riverboat casino.

Penn National Gaming, which ran the Belle of Sioux City, filed suit in 2014 after the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission denied their application to renew their gambling license and then awarded a new license to a different company for the land-based Hard Rock Casino.

The company says the IRGC violated state code meant to protect them as a license holder and their due process when it came to filing for a license for the land-based casino.

The Iowa Court of Appeals upheld the lower court rulings on both issues supporting the gaming commission. The Appeals Court ruling says the Belle was not prejudiced, but rather received a substantial benefit by being allowed to continue to operate the riverboat during the two years its applications were insufficient to support a renewal license.

It also says the company did not show the commission violated its due process with the procedures used to award the license for the land-based casino to another company.

Here’s the ruling: Sioux City Riverboat ruling PDF

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