Ashley Jared

Ashley Jared

The Iowa Finance Authority will soon launch a new sweepstakes to draw attention to the size of its first-time home buyers assistance grants.

“The ‘2500 bucks’ campaign really emphasizes how much $2,500 really is,” says Ashley Jared, a spokeswoman for the Iowa Finance Authority.

She is encouraging Iowans to think of what a mass of 2500 male deer or “bucks” would look like.

“It’s really emphasizing that $2500 is a big deal for home buyers, for down payment assistance and closing costs,” Jared says.

The Finance Authority will launch the sweepstakes May 23 at Anyone can enter the contest to win a $2500 gift card at the website. A second $2500 gift card will be awarded through Facebook, but the contest requires an accompanying photo of the entrant with an item that symbolizes their favorite term for “money” — like clams, dough or wads. The contest will close on July 4.