Former President Bill Clinton told a crowd in Davenport last night that opponents of him and his wife are peddling “poison.” As Clinton began speaking at Davenport North High School, a man held up a sign with Bill Clinton’s face on it and the word “rape” in big letters.

“Don’t boo,” Clinton told the crowd, prompting most in the audience to launched into a chant of “Hill-a-ry.”

Once the ruckus died down, Bill Clinton gave this response: “If you serve poison for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a year and a half, somebody’s going to drink it and give it back.”

The former president spent about half an hour discussing the importance of wind energy, tax credits for small businesses and college affordability. Clinton told the crowd “political gridlock in Washington” and the belief that “power matters more” than people are the only two things that will derail the country’s economy.

Donald Trump’s campaign CEO has said the Trump campaign is going try to turn Bill Clinton “into Bill Cosby,” by bringing women forward who are making new abuse accusations against Clinton.

President Obama told a crowd in Ohio last night that Trump comes from the “swamp of crazy” Republicans have been wading in for years. During a speech in New Hampshire, First Lady Michelle Obama said now that women have come forward to accuse Trump of groping and kissing them without permission, Trump’s 2005 remarks about women that were broadcast last Friday were “not just a lewd conversation” — but an example of “how he has treated women all his life.”

A new Fox News poll shows Clinton leading Trump by seven points nationally, largely because Trump is losing support among women voters.