The former city clerk in Casey has been sentenced to five years in prison for setting a fire and stealing from the community.

Sixty-one-year-old Dorothy Dillinger admits she used the city’s money to fill her car with gas, get cigarettes and make-up and buy personal items at places like Victoria’s Secret and In addition, Dillinger has admitted she set fire to the 125-year-old Casey Community Building to destroy city records.

Dillinger had been the city clerk in Casey since 1984. Auditors were able to track down information for a six-year period. They concluded she stole at least $300,000 during that time frame.

Casey is located along the Adair/Guthrie County line. It has about 425 residents, according to the latest Census data.

Dillinger pleaded guilty to mail fraud and malicious use of fire in May. She was sentenced today. Court officials say a decision will be made later about possible restitution.