political-partiesthmbA new Simpson College-RABA Research poll shows Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton in Iowa by three points.

Looking at some of the trends inside the poll, Trump leads Clinton by 13-points among white voters in Iowa who do not have a college degree. Clinton has a lead among college-educated voters in Iowa. Both candidates have larger leads among those voting blocks nationally.

Trump holds a nine-point lead among male voters in Iowa, while the survey found Hillary Clinton’s advantage among women voters here was a narrow two percent.

The RABA Research poll was conducted Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. It found two-thirds of all the Iowa voters polled consider the country ready for a female president and nearly three-quarters have confidence “in the fairness and accuracy” of how elections are conducted in Iowa.

Fifty-six percent of the Republicans who were asked if the country’s ready for a woman president said the country was “not ready” or they “didn’t know.”

The same firm’s poll a month ago showed Trump with a one-point advantage in Iowa. Both results are within the poll’s margin of error.