Paul Trombino

Paul Trombino

The head of one of Iowa’s largest state agencies is quitting. The announcement comes from Andrea Henry, spokeswoman for the Iowa Department of Transportation.

“The employees received notification yesterday that Director Paul Trombino has submitted his resignation as director of the department,” Henry says. “That is effective November 28th.”

Henry says Trombino gave no reason for his departure, adding, the resignation was not expected.

The DOT employs 2,700 workers and is heading into an exceptionally busy season, with winter approaching, so the timing of the resignation isn’t the best.

“Of course, we always need good leadership in the department so there’s never an ideal time for our leadership to leave,” Henry says, “but I have faith that the governor will appoint someone to take his position and we will move forward just as we have with business as usual.”

Trombino was appointed Iowa’s DOT director in May of 2011. His resignation comes the day after Election Day, but Henry offered no comment about whether politics may have been a part of his action.