Congressman Steve King of Kiron says it’s an “open question” about what may happen to fellow Republicans who were lukewarm supporters of Donald Trump or part of the “Never Trump” movement. King, for example, says House Speaker Paul Ryan openly criticized some of Trump’s controversial comments and King isn’t quite ready to vote to retain Ryan as the Republican leader in the House.

“I’d like to hear personally from Paul Ryan: ‘What’s your relationship now with Donald Trump? How do you plan on going forward with that?'” King asks.

King points to Ryan’s rebuke of Trump’s call last December to ban Muslims from entering the country and King is waiting on Ryan to make building a wall along the southern border an immediate priority.

“Is he going to be enthusiastic about bringing a Trump immigration agenda through the floor of the House of Representatives?” King asks. “That’s some of the things I need to get answers from him on before I can make a decision.”

King and other House Republicans are scheduled to decide who will be their leader next week, but King says it “would be prudent” to delay that vote.

“I want to see how he handles the Trump Administration and I’d like to see how he’ll go forward on this,” King says.

King was asked by a reporter: “Is that a probationary period you’re seeking?”

King replied with a laugh: “You might describe it that way, but I’m too diplomatic to do that.”

Another reporter asked: “Or is there someone else you have your eye on?”

King said: “Not really. I haven’t seen another name emerge. I just know there’s a level of skepticism within our conference.”

November 15 is the date King and the other members of the House Republican Conference are scheduled to decide whether to keep Ryan as House Speaker. King made his comments during taping of the “Iowa Press” program that airs tonight at 7:30 on Iowa Public Television.

Ryan and Trump met in Washington yesterday. Ryan says Republicans in congress will work “hand in hand” with the next president “to advance an agenda to improve the lives of the American people.”