fire-truckA fire late Friday night struck the Struve Labs facility near Manning.

Owner, Dr. Rexanne Struve, said they believe the fire started in an exhaust fan. Three employees were on site at the time of the fire, and had put out the visible flames with a fire extinguisher, before realizing it had already spread throughout the ceiling area. The employees were able to get out of the building and no injuries were reported, but there was extensive damage to the west side of the structure and Struve said over 60 piglets were lost in the fire.

The State Fire Marshal will be conducting a routine investigation. Struve Labs provides caesarean delivered, colostrum deprived piglets that are free from most swine pathogens to biological, pharmaceutical and research companies around the country and the world. They are currently the only such commercial laboratory in the United States.

(By Chantelle Grove, KCIM, Carroll)