Lori Culler

Lori Culler

Agricultural industry officials in Iowa who are struggling to find workers are being encouraged to reach out to veterans.

Lori Culler, founder of the company Ag Hires, says there’s a shortage of farm-related labor across the country and veterans can fill many of those open positions.

“We are seeing a huge trend for farms and agribusinesses wanting and looking for military…veterans who have the skills and abilities they’re looking for. There’s a big match here,” Culler said. Veterans who are looking to work in agriculture need to value what they learned during their service, according to Culler.

“I think often, for veterans, maybe they don’t put as much value on what they learned for leadership, communication skills, structure and process. All of those great things about the military are so applicable,” Culler said.

Culler encourages employers to have an open mind about applicants who may not have past experience in agriculture but want to be part of the industry. Culler made her comments this week at the National Farmer Veteran Coalition Conference in East Lansing, Michigan.

(Reporting by Nicole Heslip, Brownfield Ag News)