State fishing licenses for the new year are now available. Iowa Department of Natural Resources fisheries chief, Joe Larschied, says you do still have some time on your old license.

“Your 2016 is good all the way through January 10th, but if you want to get a jump on the 2017 season, we encourage you to go out and get your license,” Larschied says. He says they now have a three-year license available.

“What that does is it locks your price in for three solid years. So if you want to lock it in and not worry about thinking about buying license for three years, that’s a good option,” Larscheid says. “We also have the outdoor combo license where you buy the fishing and hunting license at the same time.” Lascheid says there are many places to buy your license.

He says you can go online or buy them on your cellphone, or go to bait shops, Walmarts, Kum & Go stores. Larscheid says they have a map on their website at to see a list of the vendors and a map. Once you have your license, Larscheid says they have a way to help you catch fish.

Larscheid suggest you check the DNR website and go to the fishing report, which has detailed maps that shows where the fish are. A three-year fishing license costs $53 and the DNR says that saves you four dollars compared to buying a new license every year. The outdoor combo license that includes hunting, fishing and a habitat fee is $47.