Corn and soybean growers in Iowa and across the country set new records in 2016. That’s according to a report from the U.S.D.A. Ag Statistics Service.

Doug Hartwig, deputy director for the Upper Midwest region, says the corn yield in Iowa is estimated at 2.74 billion bushels.

“That’s a record high production. This is nine-percent above the previous record of 2.51 billion bushels set in 2015,” Hartwig says. Iowa’s average corn yield topped 200 bushels per acre for the first time ever.

“The average yield for the state ended up at 203 bushels per acre,” Hartwig says. “It was a pretty phenomenal year for corn production.” Iowa has now led the nation in corn production for 23 consecutive years and 38 of the last 39 years. Soybean production in Iowa in 2016 is estimated at 572 million bushels.”This is a record high production as well, topping the previous record set (in 2015) at 554 million bushels,” Hartwig says.

The average soybean yield last year was 60.5 bushels per acre, also topping the previous record of 56.5 in 2015. Nationally, 2016 corn production totaled 15.1 billion bushels with an average yield of 174.4 bushels per acre. Those are both all-time highs, besting previous records set in 2014.

U.S. soybean production totaled 4.3 billion bushels with an average yield of 52.1 bushels per acre, also new records.