Representative Megan Jones.

The Iowa Legislature has voted to let the county treasurers in Clay and Carroll Counties issue driver’s licenses and handicapped parking permits.

“In the summer of 2016, the DOT decided to make cuts to certain services and the DOT license station in Spencer and in Carroll were both cut,” says Representative Megan Jones of Sioux Rapids.

The bill passed the House unanimously over a month ago. It passed the Senate Monday without a dissenting vote. Senator Michael Breitbach, a Republican from Strawberry Point, says the bill will take effect when the governor — as expected — signs it into law.

“This bill would allow them to issue licenses from their courthouses,” Breitbach says, “and allow residents of those two counties to, again, get their renewals in county.”

Clay and Carroll will join the list of 83 other Iowa counties where the county treasurer has the authority to issue driver’s licenses and handicapped permits as well as non-operators’ identification cards.

Last year, Iowa DOT officials asked legislators to provide enough money to cover negotiated salary increases for DOT staff. Republicans balked and, in the end, about half as much as the DOT requested was provided. On August 31st, the DOT closed the driver’s license stations in Carroll and Spencer as well as seven DOT maintenance garages. Those moves pared nearly 100 full-time workers from the DOT’s payroll.