Judicial Building

The Iowa Supreme Court has just issued a temporary order, blocking part of a brand new abortion-related law from taking effect.

Governor Terry Branstad signed the bill into law this morning, immediately banning abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy and requiring a three-day waiting period for all abortions.

The Iowa Supreme Court has issued an order that blocks the three-day waiting period from taking effect. The justices have given attorneys until noon on Monday to present legal briefs on the matter.

A spokesman for Governor Branstad says legal challenges are “part of the process”  and Branstad is “confident that the stay will be lifted very shortly.”

During this morning’s bill-signing ceremony, Branstad noted the 72 hour waiting period he approved is similar to what Missouri, South Dakota, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Utah have already implemented.

Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa joined forces to challenge the three-day waiting period, arguing that since it took effect today, it has interrupted the “appointments and lives of women already sceduled to have abortion procedures” today and next week.

The groups argue the three-day wait has thrown the lives of women and medical services into “a state of chaos.” For example, there are no guidelines from the state yet on what the law requires be discussed during a woman’s first appointment for an abortion.