The Des Moines Register reports four workers hired to care for intellectually disabled residents at state-run facilities are no longer on the job after allegations of abuse.

According to the newspaper, a worker at the Woodward Resource Center resigned after being accused of sexual and verbal abuse. Two workers at the Glenwood Resource Center have been fired after complaints they were abusing residents at that facility. Another Glenwood employee has resigned, according to The Des Moines Register.

Last last year, 13 employees at Glenwood were fired or resigned over being accused of mistreating residents. Some face criminal charges.

The newspaper’s reporter gleaned the information about these new allegations and firings from an inspectors report. According to The Register, reports the two institutions face $11,000 in fines over these latest incidents.

A top administrator in the Department of Human Services told the paper this latest round of dismissals shows the agency is “determined” to address concerns and improve the quality of care in the institutions that provide care for residents with acute intellectual disabilities.