A couple more cities have put their policies in place as the state prepares for the legal sale and use of most fireworks on June 1st.

City leaders in Sioux City passed an ordinance Monday that allows for the use of fireworks in the city from June 25th through July 4th from one P.M. until ten P.M. with hours extended to 11 P.M. on July 4th.

They may also be used December 30th through January 1st during the same times. Sioux City Police Department Captain Rex Mueller says officers will be out to enforce the new regulations.

“We have planned enforcement efforts around the times listed, so we are prepared to do directed enforcement of the ordinance,” Mueller says. City Attorney Nicole Dubois says the law spells out the penalty options if you get a citation for using fireworks.

“It has to be a simple misdemeanor violation, we cannot do a municipal infraction. And 250 (dollars) is the minimum amount that has been set by the state for the simple misdemeanor,” Dubois says. “The other important factor under the state code is that no jail time can be serve for an infraction.”

The Des Moines City Council approved a resolution Monday on a 4-3 vote allowing the use of fireworks for a six-hour period from 4 p.m. until 10 p.m. on the Fourth of July. There would be a 625 dollar fine for breaking the ordinance in Des Moines.

There are several provisions in the Des Moines ordinance, including you must be more than 200 yards from hospitals and senior living facilities to use fireworks.