An eastern Iowa town is the fastest growing city in Iowa according to revised information.

The new census data shows Tiffin in Johnson County grew by 54.4 percent from 2010 to 2016 to hit 3,006 residents. That’s the highest percentage of growth in the state for that period.

The Des Moines suburb of Bondurant just topped 50 percent to be the second fastest growing city, with its population now 5,796.

Two other suburbs were right behind — with Grimes growing by 44.3 percent and Waukee by 40 percent. Back to eastern Iowa, North Liberty, which is between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, grew by 38 percent.

Ankeny in central Iowa is the fastest growing city with a population more than 50,000. It grew by nearly 29 percent to hit 58,627.

Photo from the city of Tiffin website.