State Auditor Mary Mosiman has released a report on a special investigation of the Anthon Rescue Squad located in Anthon that shows thousands of dollars of improper use of credit cards and the organization’s money.

Mosiman says the investigation focused on former secretary/treasurer Kristine Roggatz. “Our investigation identified almost $92,000 of improper disbursements and a little over $9,000 of unsupported disbursements for a total impact to the Anthon Rescue Squad of $100,956,” according to Mosiman.

Mosiman says the improper disbursements included almost 81-thousand dollars in payments on credit cards that were in Roggatz’s name, and there were several cash withdrawals from ATM’s from the organization’s checking account by Roggatz. The State Auditor was called in after the city and rescue squad staff was contacted by a collection agency regarding a Capital One credit card established in the organization’s name which they were not aware of.

“We actually identified no payments using the Anthon Rescue Squad’s funds to the Capitol One card — but we did find payments to a Staples credit card, two Citi business credit cards, a Commerce Bank credit card and a Sam’s Club Dicover card — again totaling almost eighty-one-thousand dollars,” Mosiman says. She says there were 19 cash withdrawals made at ATMs and purchases from phone service providers, online vendors, and retail vendors. Mosiman says there was a lack of oversight, and it was something that could be easily taken care of by the organization.

She says the easiest thing that can be done is to have the bank statements sent to someone not involved in depositing the money and they can review them and see if there is any unusual activity. The audit covered a period from January 2009 through December of 2014, and Mosiman reported it was not possible to determine if additional amounts were improperly disbursed because bank statements and images of checks redeemed prior to January 1st, 2009 were not available.

Copies of the report have been filed with the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, the Woodbury County Attorney’s Office, and the Iowa Attorney General’s Office.