Davenport’s city council voted Wednesday to revive a ban on the use of fireworks within the city limits.

A new state law permits the sale and use of fireworks from June 1st through July 8th and December 10th through January 3rd. While the law prevents cities and counties from banning fireworks sales, it does allow them to ban or limit their use.

Davenport city leaders conducted an experiment to see if residents could use fireworks responsibly. But Mayor Frank Klipsch says there has been some irresponsible use. According to the Quad City Times, Davenport Alderman Mike Matson says, in addition to fireworks being noisy, they have caused five major injuries, three of them serious enough that victims needed to be transported out of town.

Matson also says as of Monday, fireworks have caused two structure fires, one vehicle fire and four major fires outside of buildings.

(By Phil Roberts, Davenport)