The former communications director for Republicans in the Iowa Senate testified in open court today that it was “normal” for office banter to include foul language and inappropriate jokes about race, religion and gender — along with the occasional “hot chick report” from a colleague.

Kirsten Anderson was fired in 2013 for what her supervisors have said was inferior writing and poor job performance. She filed a lawsuit alleging she was fired hours after writing a memo about what she’s called her “toxic” workplace. WHO Television aired segments of her testimony.

“We spoke to each other like a dysfunctional family,” Anderson said on the stand today.

Anderson testified that she complained to her supervisor in 2010 when the situation worsened as a male colleague went through a divorce. Defense attorneys introduced email Anderson sent in which she participated in the lewd commentary. Anderson testified that she felt she had to “go along” or risk being ridiculed and labeled as a “prude.”

Testimony is to continue Wednesday and a few Republican senators are on the witness list.