A new state report indicates about 11,000 people were hired by Iowa businesses and governments during the month of June.

“This is the state’s largest gain in more than two decades, when it picked up 9200 jobs in June of 1994,” says Cory Kelly, a spokesman for Iowa Workforce Development.

Iowa’s unemployment rate rose slightly in June, to 3.2 percent, but Kelly says there’s no correlation between the figures on unemployment in the state and the data about job gains in Iowa during June.

“A lot of the growth was driven by both government and private sector adding jobs,” Kelly says. “Industries that are seasonal in nature all grew this month, with the largest increases being in recreational and eating and drinking establishments. Government added 4000 jobs (in June) with the gains largely being attributable to local government — think summer programs, community pools, ‘Mother Nature’ adding to our grounds keeping operations.”

The report indicates Iowa factories added 1600 jobs in June.