Rob Hogg

The Democratic leader in the Iowa Senate says Senate Republicans need to “take responsibility” and ensure there’s a “safe work environment” in the capitol.

Senate Democratic Leader Rob Hogg is blasting today’s Senate GOP meeting about a jury’s decision to award a former aide to Senate Republicans $2.2 million for harassment and retaliation on the job.

“It’s really disappointing that they’ve ignored those calls for action,” Hogg says, “refused to make any changes in staff or leadership.”

And Hogg says Republicans need to “protect Iowa taxpayers” from being on the hook for the jury verdict.

“I think Iowans deserve better than that,” Hogg says. “…I really think it’s time for Senate Republicans to listen.”

Hogg says Senate Republicans are “foot-dragging” and Hogg says the “internal investigation” Dix has launched “is ludicrous after the court, the jury, and the public already know the facts and want action to fix the problem.” Hogg says Dix has not spoken with him since the jury verdict about personnel issues that were aired during the trial.

Dix spoke with reporters earlier this afternoon following a private meeting with most of the other Republican members of the state senate. Dix said the secretary of the senate is now conducting an investigation into allegations of harassment that were aired during the trial. Read more here.