A state board has issued its ruling on a dispute about the property taxes Archer Daniels Midland owed in 2015 on its facilities in Clinton.

Clinton Mayor Mark Vulich says ADM is challenging its property tax assessments for 2016 and 2017 as well. “It will be an ongoing process that each tax year ADM is appealing their taxes and that’s o.k.,” Vulich says. “That is their right. Last year they won and this year we won and we’ll just see how it goes.”

The mayor says for the 2015 tax year, ADM had asked the state board that hears property tax appeals to lower the taxes it owed the City of Clinton, the Clinton Community School District and Clinton County by about $1.3 million. The state board’s decision reduced ADM’s 2015 property tax liability by far less, in the range of $75,000 according to the mayor.

“I”m pleased with that,” Vulich says. “They have appeals now scheduled for every tax year since then, so we’ll be doing it again for the next couple of years.”

About a thousand people work at ADM facilities in Clinton, making it the area’s largest employer. ADM’s corn mill in Clinton is one of the world’s largest. ADM operates a separate plant in Clinton that produces plastic from corn sugar. ADM’s campus in Clinton is so large that about a decade ago the company built its own electric generating plant for the facilities.

(Reporting by Dave Vickers, KROS, Clinton)