Administrators at Iowa State University have issued a statement in response to a student’s racially-charged social media post.

The original post to Snapchat involved three students standing by the “Black Engineering Building” sign on the Ames campus. A screenshot of the post, which included use of the “N” word, quickly spread through other social media.

Martino Harmon, the Senior Vice President for Student Affairs at ISU, called the post “racist, thoughtless and hurtful” and added it’s “particularly troubling in light of the recent occurrences in Charlottesville.”

The student who Snapchatted the photo told the Iowa State Daily newspaper that he deleted the post shortly after it was sent, saying he “realized how stupid it was,” but then noticed someone on his Snapchat had already screenshot the picture.

A university spokesperson said due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, ISU can not release any information about disciplinary action.