Mothers from across the region will be gathering for a rally in Omaha-Council Bluffs later this month. It’s being called the Mom’s March for America.

Kimberly Fletcher is the founder and president of Homemakers for America, the event’s main sponsor. Fletcher says you don’t need to go to Washington D.C. for your voice to be heard by those in power.

“This idea that everything is so far away from us, we need to turn that around,” Fletcher says. “The heart of America is the mothers and so we’re bringing the heart of America together in the heartland of America.”

While “march” is in the event’s name, Fletcher says there won’t be an actual march and it won’t be a typical demonstration.

“It’s not one of those marches that you’re used to seeing with the obstructing traffic and yelling and shouting and protesting,” Fletcher says. “We’re actually not protesting anything. We are standing for something.”

The event is scheduled for September 23rd at the Ralston Arena in Omaha. Fletcher says the Mom’s March for America is not about politics or political parties.

“The Declaration of Mothers is a document that we’ve released that clearly outlines the things that we want to see promoted in our homes and communities,” Fletcher says. “These are the core fundamental principles that America was founded on. It starts with the Constitution of the United States which is what protects our divine rights as mothers.”

Fletcher says she’s very pleased so many “important mothers and women” accepted the offer to appear at the event. The speakers include: Sarah Palin, Candy Carson — the wife of Dr. Ben Carson, Missy Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” and actress Sam Sorbo.

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Thanks to Karla James, Omaha