Kim Weaver (file photo)

The Democrat who lost to Republican Congressman Steve King in 2016 is buying $22,ooo worth of advertising in the fourth congressional district. Kim Weaver of Sheldon has formed a political action committee called “PAC for POWER.”

“Progressives Organizing to Win Every Race,” Weaver said of the acronym, “and so this race we’re solely focusing on beating Steve King.”

Weaver raised nearly $150,000 for a rematch with King, but ended her campaign earlier this summer after published reports about her work as a psychic. Weaver’s PAC purchased $22,000 worth of half-page ads in “small town newspapers” throughout the fourth congressional district.

“This month we’re going to be talking about how his stance for Medicare and Medicaid would close rural, critical access hospitals because the funding decreases,” Weaver said. “It would hurt them and so we’re going to be pointing that out.”

Weaver put $100,000 in the PAC, primarily to spend on advertising in the district. She’s intending to use the rest of the money for contributions to individual candidates, like Democrats in the fourth congressional district who are running for seats in the state legislature.

“Any extra money in the district is going to also help us to get the voters out there and, hopefully, defund Steve King,” Weaver said.

Weaver said boosting turnout for a Democratic candidate in a state legislative district can benefit the Democrat who’s on the same ballot, facing Steve King in 2018. There are federal limits on how much someone may contribute to federal candidates and Weaver has used her PAC to make the maximum contribution allowed to J.D. Scholten of Sioux City, one of the Democrats who’s emerged as a potential challenger to King.