Senator Chuck Grassley

Senator Chuck Grassley has some advice for President Trump and Tennessee Senator Bob Corker:

“Both ought to cool it,” Grassley advises.

Grassley was quizzed by reporters from NBC and WHO Television yesterday about what the two Republicans said of one another on Sunday. Trump claimed Corker decided against seeking reelection because Trump wouldn’t support him. Corker then spoke with The New York Times and unleashed a torrent of cricitism, suggested Trump “may be setting the U.S. on the path to World War III.”

Grassley told the reporters in Boone yesterday that this very public feud won’t hurt progress on issues like tax reform.

“Definitely not, you see, because the president is in the executive branch and we are in the legislature branch…As long as we do our job, it’s doesn’t matter what the president does, only if he doesn’t sign what we send to him,” Grassley said.”That’s the only place where he’s involved.”

Grassley says he’s got “more important things to do” than try to referee the conflict between Trump and the Tennessee senator. Grassley spoke with NBC and WHO Television after holding a town-hall meeting in Boone.