A man was found shot to death in the southwest Iowa city of Red Oak before sunrise today.

Jerry Dietz of KOAK-AM and KCSI-FM in Red Oak started getting phone calls from listeners “about a number of police vehicles in a location in central Red Oak.” Red Oak’s police chief then confirmed a body had been found in the 200 block of Grimes Street at about 4:30 this morning.

The man is described as someone in his late 20s and authorities say he died from a gunshot to the chest. Red Oak police say their initial investigation indicates the shooting may not have occurred where the body was found.

KETV in Omaha is reporting that authorities have taken a women into custody in connection with the shooting. There is an apartment complex in the area where the body was found, but it is primarily an area of Red Oak with older homes.

(Reporting by Jerry Dietz, KCSI/KOAK, Red Oak)