Jeff Kauffman

The national chairwoman of the Republican Party is tonight’s keynote speaker at the Iowa GOP’s annual fall fundraiser. The event comes a day after Democrats scored election victories in Virginia and New Jersey.

RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel tweeted last night that “two blue states stayed blue, that doesn’t change the support we’ve seen nationwide for” President Trump. Jeff Kaufmann, the chairman of the Iowa Republican Party, said he wants to reinforce this state’s shift the the “red” Republican column.

“Iowans are energized,” Kaufmann told Radio Iowa. “…We gave the president a 10 percent victory. I want her to see that is not wavering and I also want her to see that we are ready for victory in 2018.”

The other speaker this evening is Sean Spicer, the man who served as White House press secretary for the first eight months of Trump’s presidency.

“I really hope we can get an inside view of the White House and the Donald Trump nobody sees,” Kaufmann said. “…It’s a fundraiser and a fundraiser for the Republican Party, I’ll say that loudly and proudly, but there’s a definite element here of education, educating the people who choose to attend of some inside views of the White House.”

Iowa Democratic will hold their party’s fall fundraiser on Monday, November 27 and the keynote speaker will be actor Alec Baldwin.